Spirit Filling Line

Bottling line for spirits and alcoholic drinks, speed 700-1500 bottles / hour for 70 cl bottle:

Filler Capper MBF type Synchrofill 720.12TG/1M/1V, year 2010, 4 kinds of caps: ROPP (screw) aluminum cap, T cap plastic head and cork body, GPI (plastic screw), mushroom cork (already formed). 4 formats of bottles : Néos, Kendo, 1 model champagne bottle and 1 special bottle. There are cap sorters for all these types of cap included.

Capsuling machine Robino & Galandrino for shrinkable cap. 1 shrinking head

Labeler 2 cold glue labelling station Kosme, year 1993

About 15 m conveyors

Line stopped in 2016 in very-very good condition. Filling monobloc is in new condition, was in production for only a short time. Capsuling and labelling machines year 1993 but in perfectly maintained good condition. A lot of spare parts for each machine.