Twin Head Volumetric Filler


This can be piped up direct to your IBC instead of hopper. Operator would place bottles under nozzles, then press foot pedal to begin filling or a fully automatic cycle operation is selectable. Then when full, bottles are removed ready for t-corking.  This machine is also available as a single head filler. Stainless steel floorstand with adjustable height bottle table is optional.




Filling Nozzles

2 Nozzles

Production Capacity

6 - 20 bottles/minute, dependant on fill volume etc.

Filling volume range

50ml to 1Ltr, fully adjustable

Air consumption

0.4 - 0.6MPa  at 0.2m3/min

Filling accuracy

approx +/- 1%

Services required

Compressed air supply only



Overall Dimensions

Main machine - 95cm x 45cm x 35cm,  Hopper - 40Ltr capacity to brim, 45cm x 45cm


Single head filler close-up details shown below: